ICT for Language Learning 11-12 November in Florence, Italy - Call for Paper

The 3rd Conference of 'ICT for Language Learning' is co-ordinated by PIXEL, Florence, Italy, The conference aims at promoting and sharing good practice and transnational cooperation in the field of the application of ICT to language learning and training.
The conference offers excellent opportunities for the presentation of current language learning projects and expert exchange of ideas.

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Ah, Florence - I love that town! But unfortunately my conference days are over now that I am retired. I treat myself to just one conference per year: EUROCALL, which I usually combine with my late summer holiday. Maybe we'll see you there, I am giving the opening plenary this year and also running a workshop on Viewer 2 in Second Life. Is there any chance of part of the conference being online? We have an online element at EUROCALL, which we call the Virtual Strand.

Hi Graham, I agree, Florence is always worth visiting. It would have been lovely to see you there. However, I do understand your focus on EUROCALL. The AVALON Project will be presented there, as well. I do hope I'll be able to make it, too, but not sure yet. Your workshop on Viewer 2 raises great interest. Especially since I am still fighting some problems with it ;-)
I'll suggest your idea of the virtual strand to PIXEL the conference organisers in Florence if they haven't already done so themselves. Thanks for the suggestion.
The 3rd Conference of 'ICT for Language Learning! Sounds so inspiring! I was in position of regional manager (working/moving in/from my Office in so far Ferghana Valley to Milano and Como so often) of the European-Uzbek Silk project.Hi, Christel, I assume that Italians are Still Seta lovers!?But sericulture is so different worldwide!I enjoy all those SL products,created/so effectively developed and developing ... ,but if we would live only in SL communities, btw created mostly by western ICT specialists, then... who would teach online or F&F or in blended style about Silk produced so FAR?!I dream to visit Italy again...! Hi,Christel ,could you post the link to "The 3rd Conference of 'ICT for Language Learning". May be someone from Uzbekistan can participate,,,
Salom Christel ,
I've googled "The 3rd Conference of 'ICT for Language Learning' is co-ordinated by PIXEL, Florence, Italy",
May be, someone from Uzbekistan can participate,,,I've posted an Ad at the "Uzbekespteachers"..
Salom Halima,
I am pleased to hear that you are interested in the upcoming 3rd Conference of ICT for Language Learning.
I wondered why you could not access the link I posted on the NING events section.
Thanks for posting an ad on the 'Uzbekespteachers'. Remember the deadline for call for papers is 25th June.
Hoping to see you and your colleagues in Florence!
Kindest regards
This sounds really interesting. I'll try to see if I can attend since I'm based in Verona. Should be possible.


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