Is Holodeck editing a future language teacher competence?

Hi all,
Really regret not being able to attend Graham's session on Holodecks. Dennis's comment on his time investments worries me a bit, considering his dedication and long-time involvement with 3D and language education.
Reason being that I am proposing to the NIFLAR project management to also include Holodecks as a strategic part of our VLE: it seems an interesting tool to support collaborative tasks and promote ownership with end users.
Not having any practical experience myself with this type of 3D authoring tool yet, I put the question (to the VWLL community) whether [...] it is educationally efficient to actually expect student language teachers (one of the NIFLAR target groups) to invest time in acquiring the technical skills needed to productively use this tool (e.g. for designing a setting for a particular task for their pupils).
Thankfully Nergiz Kern joined the discussion commenting that […] ’I have started collecting some ideas of how holodecks could be used in language learning and teaching. I have also demonstrated to several teachers how to build scenes with the Builder's Buddy script and everybody learned the basics very quickly. The rest is practice!’
Nick Peachey’s contribution included […] ‘I think it is realistic. Many already have the skills'.
Could we have your thoughts on this again? Considering the evidence presented at the ‘grande finale’ of the Holodeck Challenge at Slexperiments there must be quite a few colleagues who can report personal experiences by now.

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Sounds good, Klaus. Have you seen the rooms in the EUROCALL HQ and in our holodecks where an additional chair is automatically added when all the existing chairs are occupied? It's done by means of a script. It's great for classes and meetings when you are not sure how many people may turn up.

I have experimented a bit with Builder's Buddy, which is pretty straightforward, and the holodecks that my colleague Randall Sadler has created for Horizons can be bundled into stand-alone boxes that can be rezzed anywhere without the need for the Horizons rezzer to be present - and therefore given to anyone who wants them, i.e. just like Builder's Buddy boxes.



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