Here are some references that I was given by the EC in advance of next week's meeting:

ICT for Learning, Innovation and Creativity:

Digital Competence for Lifelong Learning:

The use of ICT to support innovation and lifelong learning for all - A report on progress :

Let's use this thread for any other useful reference materiasl for the project.

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SL related research as posted by Gavin on Twitter


Rgds Heike
Is this an article we need to have some concerns about?

Thanks for this link.

I just wonder what impact leaving businesses have on the educational life in SL which is going strong. But this is hear-say from the latest SL for educators conference by NMC people and I am not sure whether this is sweet-talking the real issue.

I will look into the commercial side of things though. This is interesting.

Rgds Heike
Here are some useful links we have been sent by Graham Davies via Robert O'Dowd the organiser of the Leon CMC SIG last week. I am sure some of you may already be familiar with this information and I apologize for multiple postings. Luisa

From Graham Davies - based on his Second Life Presentation at our workshop:

Dear All
Here are the URLs that I mentioned in my tour of the EUROCALL HQ on 24 April:
EUROCALL HQ SLURL, EduNation III, next door to CALICO's new HQ (under construction)
For further information look at this section of the ICT4LT website. It has lots of useful links and I update it regularly:
Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site
I will be running a pre--conference workshop on Second Life for beginners at EUROCALL 2009
EUROCALL and CALICO (USA) are about to form a joint Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group (VW SIG). The CALICO SIG already has a website. Further information will appear on Mon 27 April


Robert O'Dowd
Universidad de León
Departamento de Filología Moderna
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
24071 León

Phone: 0034 987 291084
Homepage: http://www3.unileon.es/personal/wwdfmrod/

This is a ground-braking bit of news on the development of sloodle.


Rgds Heike
Hi all,

Languagelab's presentation on life in the city has been really interesting.

Check it out her with this 50min recording on ustream.


Rgds Heike
Blind people in Second Life, who would have thought....?

Read this heartwarming blog.

In the search for research in online learning, I have come across this study which was published in May this year which is a meta-analysis looking at more than 1000 studies that have been conducted over the last 12 years on the subject of how effective online and blended learning is.

Of the 1000 studies only 51 were selected however that met real research criteria and these have been compared and cross referenced and what cam out of it is that students perform better, on average, if they took all or part of their instruction online and fare best if they took blended courses.

A summary of these findings can be read in this blog
and I have attached the 93 page analysis herein.

Rgds Heike


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