VWBPE Virtual World Best Practise in Education Conference

Hi all,

This is the forum for the Virtual World Best Practise in Education.

If you are attending sessions, would like some assistance, want to share your impressions and links, please feel free to use this forum discussion thread.

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Interesting presentation for medical students about how to use SL to visualize the bacteria, the gene data, the history of Robert Koch, a view of a TB hospital in the mountains, the timeline of TB spread etc. Awesome visuals.

New Viewer.

Can you imagine, you open an Adobe ConnectPro room and start hosting a meeting. You switch on your webcam, upload a PowerPoint or start screensharing.

In the meantime, the person who attends from Second Life takes the URL, creates a flat prim surface and pastes the URL into the media properties. Then he or she can attend the meeting from Second Life.

This is possible with the new Viewer.

Timewarp at the VWBPE.

I attended a tools session only to be suprised by someone who does dance scripts.

The result of this demonstration was not technical, but fun.

This is what we did. We danced.

As you can see, we had a great time.
SLTalk is a German provider for insight into SL, consulting and a fabulous blog with latest news.

Here are some of their recordings of the presentations of the German universities and German companies.

Day 1, 1pm
Uni Bielefeld's panel discussion on "Networking and Scientific Communications in Virtual Worlds"
For an abstract of the panel click here.

More by SLTalk

Salom Heike,
I heard that at the Bielefeld's Uni this year would be a great conference ...
I wonder What and When this Event would be held there?
Salom from Tashkent,
I like your AVALON very much!
I've created a Ning too,the related link is :
We are 28 now ,2 are from Germany,1 from Kazakhstan, others- mostly from Tashkent,the capital of Uzbekistan.
Some our Ning Events are fulfilled and therefore deleted by Ning administration.We cannot pay for platform/server hosting services and must soon migrate.
Hi,Heike,the Virtual World is the Best Practise in Education Conference, but we can meet in person too!
Paul East was teaching here from 22.05 till 04.06.2010.He and Garry from Dresden Polytechnic University had taught ESP to Uzbek IT students at our famous TUIT,also in frame of Tempus project.It was so nice to see/speak/host the colleagues from the Virtual Education World ALIVE!!
Hi Salom,

Thank you for this link.

Just as a tip regarding the NING situation, why don't you 28 join another NING which will stay and form a group there called Uzbekspteachers? This way you mingle with other teachers and exchange ideas whilst still be able to maintain the group cohesion.

Great to see you engaged!

rgds Heike


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