Dear all,

this is the link to our mindmap. WP2-team started it to collect ideas, but it could well become a map that covers the whole project and helps us to create our shared vision. Feel free to contribute your ideas!


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Hi Gerhilde,

It says access denied. Even for me, although I have a minmeister account.

Rgds Heike
I have signed up for an account as weel and it says the same.
Gary, I have added you as collaborator now. Could you send me a complete email-list, so I could share the map with the others too? Up to now it's shared with Luisa, Judith, Mats, Heike, you, Klaus and me. Best, Gerhilde
Hi Gerhilde, I have attached a spreadsheet with email addresses of the partner team leaders and also people I know are directly working for a partner rather than sub-contracts, where I'm a bit hazy on who is who :-) Gary
Should be ok now. I have added you as collaborator. Best, Gerhilde
Here are some very useful exercises that could give us ideas for scenarios or tasks for students:
Robin Teigland has posted three PPT files that describe her experiences using Second Life as a virtual team education tool:
(a) Second Life Teaming Exercise_GEL_Overview.ppt
(b) SL and business education.ppt
(c) SSE & Swedish Tax Agency in Second Life_Nov12_07.ppt
I'd like to have access to this too (access denied) - could you add me using this email address? blogefl@gmail.com

Re. student tasks/scenarios for language learning, the Chinese College at Monash University is a must-visit (I was telling Luisa yesterday)

SLURL - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Monash%20University/70/182/28

They have designed lots of interesting real-world tasks (visiting hospital clinic / shopping for food to then follow recipe / etc) and have set up spaces so they are equally valid in a teaching situation (i.e. role-playing, etc) or for self-access (using a HUD with point-and-clicking on objects delivering audio and Mandarin Chinese characters displayed)

If you like, I can arrange a tour if there is enough interest.
Do you mean that you cannot get to the ppt files? I am able to follow the links, no problem. Well, The ppt are half way down this page. Please try this link.

Gary, I contacted Scott and he said he would be happy to take us around if we can set a time. The only thing was that I was there yesterday and then got chucked out because they said the site was closing down. Hopefully it is only a temporary thing.


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