Hi everyone,

A Google calendar of events is now up and running on the SL experiments Wiki. It contains the list of meetings, workshops on Avalon learning island as well as any educational events (un-conferences and seminars related to the use of Virtual Worlds in Education. Please do check it regularly as it is updated weekly.

If there any events you hear of and might of interest to the group, please kindly send us a private message via this Ning with the details and we will add the event ot the calendar.


Regarding the inclusion of American and Australasian continents' participants who are left out unless they stop sleeping, I would really like to allow for a "meeting/event" once a month if we can a agree on a time/day of the week. I had created a Doodle a month ago which actaully doesn't help at all find the appropriate time as they are too many discrepancies between what people input. I am wondering whether 7PMSLT (Check tentative worldclock, not the date) one Saturday a month might be a good time.

All non-European members rise! 

Let me know below on this discussion thread.

Cybère @ your service

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Hi Cyber,

I have a lot to do with Japanese in SL since I started a Japanese conversation class (more details about this class here).

The class is scheduled to catch many Japanese nationals inworld and the best time for this happens to be our European 12:30pm GMT (my 2:30pm in Germany) which corresponds to 9:30pm in Tokyo, just about the time when Japanese go online.

New Zealand however in summer is 2h different to winter (because when the clocks move forward in Europe they go backwards in New Zealand), hence what is still ok with Japan would be passed your midnight.

Evening hours SL Time is not a good alternative because they correspond to night hours in Europe (anything from 2am to 4am) and so, I think the best time for this would be evening in Europe, early morning in New Zealand and lunchtime in America, what do you think?

Check this comparison table out.

rgds Heike


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