Call for EFL teachers!

Hi all I am looking for 2 or 3 EFL (preferably native) teachers to conduct a pilot project involving

  • a series of six lessons over 3 weeks in August
  • designed for a group of 5/8 beginners (French native speakers) willing to learn and practise oral and written English FL
  • using Arcachon as a a base
  • also using google docs or any other online collaborative writing tool (typewith.me for e.g.)

The aim of this project is to do a pilot EFL course aiming at French speakers but knowledge of French is not necessary. This project would include design, adapting what I am already doing for French FL and providing recommendations at the end of hte pilot (early September) with regard to:

  • the design
  • the delivery
  • the suitability of the location (Arcachon)

Please reply here or send me a message if you wish to participate and know more about the project.

Thanks and kind regards to all!


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I do not know if you are still looking, or if I am suitable, but I am certainly interested and would like more details.

Osna Dennis

Great Dennis, definitely especially with your "DOGME inclination", it will be spot on as I am proning situated cognition as the basis of my classes, and woul dlove to have you onboard!!! Great! Will let you know more when I have written my blurb about Situativity!!

Fabulous, thank you for your reply!

Profuse apologies, Edith. It was me that did you see your reponse!!! Standing by.

Hi Edith,


It sounds interesting. I might / might not be able to take part, depending on timings etc. Let me know a bit more about the project and I will see what I can do.



Sounds interesting, but I will be spending most of August in France and Switzerland.

Fantabulous Pete and Dennis. The first thing we might want to do is explore Arcachon so you can get ideas on what to do there. I believe we will have about 5 people interested for the pilot. The idea is mainly communicative activities using immersion and situated learning. The idea is not new of course but I will tell you what I do with my students and you can tell me whether this can work for you as well. We might start the pilot mid-August twice over 3 weeks and that would cover 6 sessions. I will gauge the levels but I believe it will be  a mixed group of Beginners/low intermediate in speaking skill. One I understand, does not want to use voice but can hear, which can be an interesting aspect to encompass disabilities in a main stream group. How are you placed with meeting in the coming week?

Thanks again very much


I did reply. Did you get my response? Osna Denis


if you need any more help with this I am available in August


Hi Delwen/Deesnow

Thanks for your interest! I will try to organise a time with you, Dennis, possibly Pete and Karelia to show you Arcachon sim and what I do there for French.

How is everyone placed for Friday evening, 7PM GMT or Sunday Morning 8AM GMT? Meeting at Webheads HQ on Edunation.

Thanks again


Hi Cybère

sorry I didn't reply before.  I've just got back from Minsk where I've spent the past week running a teacher training programme for the english teachers in a computer company.  I really like the Arcachon sim and would be very interested to know about what you are doing there

Delwen /DeeSnow

Hello Edith,

I would like to participate in the project and know more about it as it sounds interesting.

Oh, I am sorry, I am late; as I have just joined this group. August is already over and its September!


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