I was trying to find a way of passing on information to my SL friends about language events which may not relate to SL . I will totally understand if this discussion thread is removed if not deemed relevant and I wil not be hurt or upset!!


(1) The Language Show is  21-23 Oct 2011 in London  Language Show 2011 Actually, this *could* be SL related as the orgaisers have suggested that I may like to lead a session in their Teacher 'network' lounge on SL as a way of networking.  I am trying to persuade them that SL is a valid session for the main show, as it is a way that adults can learn languages.  Whatever they decide, I am planning to host a 'social' event in a nearby pub after the Saturday sessions which will hopefiully end with a 'show and tell' for teachers of any language, (Jeremy Harmer has said he'll come along too)  and any of you are welcome.  So if you are considering coming, please pencil this into your diary for Sat 22nd October.


(2) I am going to try to host my first webinar this Saturday at 10-11 GMT+1 ...  not SL related this time .. John Connor will be telling us how we can use song in the classroom... btu any of you are welcome to join us!  Here are the details: ALL London Webinar - Song It would be nice to do a future one on SL .. so please let me know if you'd be interested in participating! 

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Bonjour bonjour Helen, 

Intéressée comme toujours, j'applaudis toujours les initiatives!

1/ The language show: if you need assistance in trying to convince the organisers that a presentation of our use of SL as a community of practice medium and PLN, please let me (us, anyone else?) know. I think it would fit right in from what I saw last year, however to be more convincing on the practical teaching side of SL, we need students who have been successful, (like you I guess) but who are not specifically language geeks (like me and a lot of us). The audience need to hear stories of actual language learning like Cata's or younger audience if you have one at hand. :))

2/Webinar = 10-11GMT + 1 = 12GMT? or UK Time? PM or AM and which platform will you use? Adobe connect, Elluminate, etc? This, to ensure I have the right plug-ins beforehand!

Ciao bellissima!

Good points Edith


1 /  ...can you suggest where we could get peope from  / how we could capture experiences of others?  Perhaps video interviews which we could project?  Yes  - please coudl others suggest .. the organisers are talking to me about this this week.


2/ I need advice as to how to write times!  I meant 10-11 in the time I am experiencing at the moment, which is British summer time .. so GMT+1 .. in the morning!  So should I write 10:00 - 11:00 [GMT+1]?  It's Adobe Connect - would be GREAT to see you .. I was hoping that you'd come!  He really is good on the ukulele!

1/ Well anyone who has taught or is currently teaching and who could invite some students to report on what they do. I am happy to talk about the result of teaching a young Mexican student of architecture who decided to do his report on Le Mont St Michel after we visited the place on SL and the other activities I did with another student at lower level.

2/ Simply use GMT (or UTC) then people can relate with their own timezones? Another good way is to add the link to the World clock event announcer. I will try to be there Saturday 9-10AM GMT if you send me the link to the room by email. A plus!

Hi Helen


(1) I have put in to talk at this, so if I'm accepted, I'll be there - I would be more than happy to help you out with both the SL session and the show and tell - just let me know how I can help out


(2) sounds great. Unfortunately, I'll be at the BESIG summer seminar in Preston

I agree with Edith. We need evidence of success stories. Are there any Languagelab students who can talk about their experiences? It would be nice to be able to go online and show SL live, but I have had more failures than successes when I have attempted to do this. Whenever I prepare for a presentation on SL I send a list of requirements to the technical people at the venue, especially with regard to the speed of the broadband connection and unblocking of ports - but they often fail to understand what is required, and the live presentation flops. So I usually bring a set of videos and PowerPoint presentations with me that I can demonstrate on my laptop.


I am not sure yet whether I will be available around the time of the Language Show, but count me in as a possible helper.

Great to see peopel at the webinar .. special thanks to Heike and Edith for support before, during and after! Here's a link to an account and a recording for anyone interested:



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