A relaxed and informal hour of English for English beginners in Second Life.  Brought to you by Lynne from the Learn English Network.  Lynne uses presentations / pictures / videos /  animations, and anything else that works to introduce you to learning by doing.  All lessons are conducted in English, and you are asked to take the mic from time to time, but we go at a slow pace and the main aim is to have fun and learn a bit about SL in the process.


Topics covered so far include:-

A for animations vocabulary + the verb to do

A for avatars vocabulary + the verb to be

B for building vocabulary + the verb to build

C for clothes vocabulary + the verbs to wear / to have

D for drinking vocabulary + the verb to drink

E for emotions vocabulary + the verb to feel - happy - sad  - angry - relaxed

F for food vocabulary + the verb to like + to dislike / to eat / to cook


You can learn more about learning English on Second Life here




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We are now up to I.

G for games - the verbs to play / win / lose /  draw

H for holidays (and Halloween) - the difference between holiday and a celebration - to celebrate / parties / invitations

I for inventory - reviewing to have and discussing favourites.




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