VIRTLANTIS Activity Locations

There are many activity locations on both VIRTLANTIS islands which can be used for learning activities or simply for hanging out with friends. Below is a playlist of brief videos showing each location. More info can be found here: http://www.virtlantis.com

VIRTLANTIS is a free language learning resource and community of practice in the virtual world of Second Life®. We offer activities for a growing number of languages. All of our activities are offered free of charge by kind and generous volunteers. We have been offering free language learning activities since 2006. 

*Everyone is kindly invited to make use of VIRTLANTIS. Although our main focus is language learning, we gladly provide free support and resources for any and all learning/teaching activities - regardless the subject. Click here if you are interested in offering your own activity at VIRTLANTIS.

More Info: http://www.virtlantis.com

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