VIRTLANTIS Holodeckables

Holodeckables are holodecked objects which can be loaded as a holodeck scene via a HUD (Heads Up Display) anywhere throughout a 3D virtual environment such as Second Life (SL). Any object which can be holodecked (dependent on object permissions in SL) can be loaded and cleared/deleted SIM-wide (anywhere on the virtual island) via a HUD. 

In addition to having educational potential, holodeckables can be used in a variety of utilitarian ways. For example, any objects which need to be periodically but not permanently present on the virtual island can be rezzed (made to appear) via a holodeck HUD. Once the objects are no longer needed, they can simply be cleared.

VIRTLANTIS is a free language learning resource and community of practice in the virtual world of Second Life®. We offer activities for a growing number of languages. All of our activities are offered free of charge by kind and generous volunteers. We have been offering free language learning activities since 2006. 

More info: http://www.VIRTLANTIS.com


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