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EU fundable summercourses for professionals in Language and Vocational Education

In collaboration with the Universities of Antwerp, Nice, Valencia and Catalunya (OU), the Further Education institute Norwich City College and the Kildare and Wicklow Education & Training Board, TELLconsult is coordinating summercourses for teachers and teacher educators in Language and Vocational Education based on results of the EU projects the afore mentioned organisations were involved in.

These courses may qualify for European Key Action1 grant assistance under the new…


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EU Grants for course on technology and oral communication

Dear colleagues,

Would like to inform you about the Summercourse on using technology for oral communication in Modern Language Teaching, largely based on the results of the NIFLAR project. 

The Universities of Utrecht and Valencia, in cooperation with TELLConsult and the Utrecht SummerSchool,…


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Support requested for NL dissemination EUROVERSITY activity

Congratulations first for another SLanguages conference! Thanks to all organisers and volunteers who made this event possible (personally I could not attend as I was travelling but the report speaks for itself!).

Allow me to post a request related to the same mission: sharing our interest in 3D in (language) education and informing others about its potential. 

The Dutch EUROVERSITY network partners Utrecht…


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Live stream of NIFLAR's dissemination symposium

Together with the Dutch partners Utrecht University will present the results of the EU project NIFLAR it coordinated these past 2 years on Friday, February 4.

In a number of presentations and activities items such as task design, practice reports, interviews with participating language students and pre-service teachers, the 3D learning environments and research outcomes will be covered.…


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NIFLAR AVALON collaboration

AVALON partner, Klaus Hammermüller, travelled all the way from Vienna to join the SURFnet OpenSim project's 2009 final meeting, sharing experiences and know-how and discuss further collaboration with NIFLAR. We exchanged ideas for further collaboration between Avalon and Niflar, such as exchanging 3D content and tasks.

Klaus also presented his ideas on a follow up network proposal to Brussels involving NIFLAR, AVALON and other potential partners interested in future experiments and… Continue

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