Sat, 17 Sept 2011, Time: 6am SLT/ 1pm GMT

ARCHI 21 is a ground-breaking and ambitious project, partially funded by EACEA, to create a unique educational model. It focuses on languages and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), where experimentation is content-driven through architecture and design whilst focusing fully on language and communication learning objectives. Second Life, together with other technologies,is used to support this collaborative approach, combining the expertise of consortium partners with students, faculty and practitioners in creative knowledge building. My talk today focuses specifically on one aspect of the ARCHI21 project, the pedagogy underpinning teaching and learning in 3D virtual spaces. The model of Cybergogy of Learning Archetypes and Learning Domains will be presented in relation to the project’s teaching and learning requirements and how teachers of both language and architecture are supported to adapt their teaching strategies to align with the model for maximum effect in a virtual world.

Presenters Bio:

Lesley Scopes (aka Light Sequent) is a cohort member of ARCHI21, an EU supported project concerning Architecture, Education and Language Learning. She holds an MSc in Computer based learning and training (University of Southampton), a BSc Honours degree in Applied Psychology and Computing (Bournemouth University) and a PGCE (University of Greenwich) and is a virtual worlds teaching and learning consultant. Lesley has been living and working in virtual worlds for over 5 years and is the developer of the model of Cybergogy of Learning Archetypes and Learning Domains and strives to bring robust teaching and learning methodology to 3D virtual environments.

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