Educational tools for learning Japanese in SL

Sat, 17 Sept 2011, 5am SL | 12pm GMT

The recording of this session can be found at http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p5m2yflb5t7/


The purpose of this demonstration is to show tools which are useful in teaching and learning Japanese in SL.
(1) Dracy balloons for Japanese box
Japanese has a few kinds of characters such as HIRAGANA, KATAKANA and KANJI.
Dracy balloons for Japanese box makes it possible for students to learn HIRAGANA through the game.
(2) Dracy aiueo
Dracy aiueo shows how to write HIRGANA.
(3) Dracy Word Games Japanese
4 kinds of games can be played using Dracy Word Games Japanese. 
Through the games students can learn nouns with sounds.
(4) DRACY CROSSWORD making panel Japanese
Crossword games in Japanese can be made using this panel.
Students can increase vocabulary through the process of making games.
The data of the games which students made using 'DRACY CROSSWORD making panel Japanese' is saved in this puzzle board.
Students will learn other words or short sentences through the process of making hints for the games.
Students can enjoy solving games and feel the sense of accomplishment.

Akemi Mochizuki (Draceina Pinion avatar)

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