7th SLanguages Annual Symposium has been rescheduled to end of February 2014

After careful consideration, the SLanguages committee has decided to reschedule the conference to 28 February - 2 March 2014. 

Originally SLanguages Annual Symposium was planned for 27-29 September 2013.

Last year and in 2011 it took place in September. The very first three SLanguages Annual Symposiums, founded by Gavin Dudeney, took place in May or June of each year. 

Here are the main reasons why this decision has been taken. 

  1. By the end of September, there will have been two other large conferences in world, namely VWBPE, Virtual World Best Practice in Education in July 2013 and OSCC OpenSim Community Conference, 7-8 September 2013. Even though both conferences are not entirely dedicated to language learning, they will have kept us busy with volunteering, presentations and machinima. VWBPE used to be in February and this year it took place in July.
  2. January / February is the time for our EVO sessions. We plan to once again offer MachinEVO and are also considering offering a Second Life session for those new to Second Life. SLanguages at the end of February 2014 will be shortly after MachinEVO. These EVO sessions can be a great way to promote SLanguages and SLanguages can be a great place to present the expertise learned in MachinEVO. We will likely have MachinEVO award ceremony take place at the time of the conference. 
  3. We are planning to set up a website dedicated to SLanguages, a wordpress blog or similar, with the domain slanguages.org. The existence of a dedicated blog will facilitate the administration of these contemplated changes.
  4. The CAMELOT project is due to start in December 2013 and it may prove possible to include a discussion of the project and even a symposium on it. 
  5. Languagelab starts using a new platform sometime towards the end of this year (Unity3D) and we shall invite them to talk about the change at SLanguages.
  6. A number of potentially interested individuals and institutions are busy during the last weekend in September and have already announced that if SLanguages is held in 2013 they will not be able to attend. A February conference is also much more convenient  for Carol Rainbow without whose  unique,  Second Life expertise the conference could not take place.
  7. Since the end of September is a busy time for many universities  a September conference is  bad timing for academics. 

Finally, rescheduling to February will give extra time to advertise and look for more sponsors.

We hope you will be able to join SLanguages in 2014! 

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