Student Learning Outcomes and the Instituto Espanol Experience

Fri, 16 Sept 2011, 11am SL | 6pm GMT


The Instituto Espanol experiment is a concept based on the Immersion method of language instruction as practiced by a great percentage of the real world language schools that cater to language tourists.  Our goal is to replicate to the extent virtually possible the vacation experience that a language traveler might enjoy.Proposed topics for this presentation are a brief history of the school and its founding, my personal background and my motivations for opening a virtual school,  the wonderful surprises we have had in regard to student learning outcomes, and the sweet lessons we have learned from our disasters.  I will also discuss what lies ahead for the Institute, our challenges and expectations, and our commitment to virtual language instruction in the future.Thank for this opportunity to talk about what I do about 16 hours a day.  It will be an honor to present.


Wilson Voight

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