Support requested for NL dissemination EUROVERSITY activity

Congratulations first for another SLanguages conference! Thanks to all organisers and volunteers who made this event possible (personally I could not attend as I was travelling but the report speaks for itself!).

Allow me to post a request related to the same mission: sharing our interest in 3D in (language) education and informing others about its potential. 

The Dutch EUROVERSITY network partners Utrecht University and TELLConsult have submitted a presentation proposal for the Dutch, annual conference on ICT in Higher Education, SURF Education Days 2011. See abstract below.

Half of this conference program is defined by an online poll for prospect visitors and/or other interested individuals.  So please support EUROVERSITY’s mission by voting for the presentation ‘Wat weten we over het gebruik van 3D-werelden in het (taal)onderwijs?’ ["What do we know about the use of 3D worlds in (language) education?"] by Jauregi and Koenraad.

Thank you in advance if you could please, do so before the poll's closure on September 22, 2011!

Here is some help to guide you through the 5 screens in Dutch you will be confronted with:

1. Start here which should bring you to this page: 



Tick Box ‘All sessions’ and press ‘Volgende’ (next)















2. Scroll down the page and vote for the session entitled 'Wat weten we over het gebruik van 3D-werelden in het (taal)onderwijs?' Jauregi & Koenraad 




















3. Final page: You will be asked a) to provide your email address for verification

and b) to indicate what educational sector you are in?
HBO=Professional Higher Ed
Overige = Other, namely











4. Ignore the next page by pressing 'Volgende' (next) by using the click options offered in the text on the page below:

<Als dat correct is, gaat U verder naar de volgende pagina, Klik dan hier om door te gaan>


5. On the next, final page choose the click option introduced by the text (is this your final choice?):

<Is uw keuze definitief? Klik hier>



With the increase of initiatives in which the applications of 3D virtual worlds for a wide range of disciplines are and have been explored the knowledge about the educational opportunities and constraints of such environments has grown considerably. We present an inventory of experiences, materials and insights that the 18 partners in the EU network 'Euroversity' exchange in order to 1) arrive at a set of recommendations for effective use of virtual worlds and 2) for the development of a range of validated training materials. Special attention is paid to the products and results of EU projects, including AVALON and NIFLAR, that were specifically aimed at developing language and intercultural skills. Finally, an overview will be provided of the opportunities in the Netherlands for teachers and teacher trainers to get acquainted with 3D worlds and / or personally try out activities in practice.


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