SUNDAY, 30 September 2012 - 6am SLT | 1pm GMT | 10pm TYO

Recording (38min): http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p78xfq27au4/


This presentation/discussion will aim to provide an overview of VIRTLANTIS and respond to any questions related to virtual world language learning. Although listed as a 1hr event, we will have a demo of an activity, which is an opportunity for English learners to meet and playfully gather new vocabulary and practice English. A tour of VIRTLANTIS will be offered at the end.

VIRTLANTIS is a free resource and open community of practice for language learners and teachers in the virtual worlds of Second Life® and OpenSim ==> www.virtlantis.com. In addition to the above-mentioned, this event will aim to explain the various sorts of support and opportunities for collaboration on offer at VIRTLANTIS. All are welcome to attend - whether on time or late. IM Kip Yellowjacket if you have any difficulty or need to be teleported.


Kip Boahn [Kip Yellowjacket] has been actively creating free, open and informal language learning experiences in the virtual world of Second Life since first joining in 2006. VIRTLANTIS represents a merging of the various experiments and projects which Yellowjacket has helped to initiate. Kip Boahn is also the co-owner of the Oxford School for English, a language school located in Göppingen, Germany ==> www.oxfordschool.de.

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