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Reading Skills in the Virtual World

The company 3Dsoft seems to have developed a tool similar to SLOODLE called LearningSpaces Maker.

In this video, they show a reading skills activity.

I think the video is self-explanatory.


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Instructions for creating your own SL-map

Instructions for creating your own SL-map

1. Look at this link

2. Create your own map.

3. Create (or copy from real life maps) dot (for example "Chicago").

4. Click "View all sizes" on… Continue

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Heike Philp is presenting the AVALON project at IATEFL today.

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Researching language teachers in Second Life

Hi all !

As was mentionned a couple of days ago, I'm conducting a research on language teachers training. I've had very few responses to my questionnaire so far. So, if you feel like answering it, that would be of great help. Here is the link :


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Call for volunteer native speakers for Task-Bask Language Learning in Second Life METU Campus Project

Sorry for the cross posting.


Task-Based Foreign Language Learning in Second Life METU Campus

Volunteer native speakers of English are needed for a project carried out at tertiary level. The project entitled “Task-Based Foreign Language Learning in Second Life METU Campus” is a collaborative effort between three departments at Middle East Technical University - Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Foreign Language Education, and…


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Summary 4th Virtual Round Table Conference 25-27 March 2011

Over a period of 3 days, the 4th Virtual Round Table conference on language learning technologies took place with 9 sessions in Second Life.

For a complete summary of all of the sessions click HERE.


The conference saw.

  • 552 unique visitors in Adobe ConnectPro
  • 111 unique avatars in Second Life
  • 54 panelists, presenters and guest-speakers in 38…

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Help! (with experiment in sociolinguistics using SL)

Dear colleagues,

As part of our Master's course in sociolinguistics at Umeå University we are conducting practical experiments in sociolinguistics using on-line and virtual world technology. It would be a great help if we could ask you to take 10-15 minutes of your time to listen to the following sound files with accompanying evaluations:



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Luisa's interview on ABC Radio National Australia

This is an excellent radio interview with Luisa on ABC Radio on 31 March 2011. I thought it would be a pity if it got lost in the event archives, so I'm copying it here. This was the original announcement:

Luisa has recently been interviewed by award winning Australian journalist and broadcaster, Antony Funnell. Her interview goes to air on Future…


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New BASIC mode in SL Viewer 2

Some of you might already have read about it in the SL Educators forum. The latest version of the SL Viewer 2 has now also a BASIC mode that you can select. In fact, this is the default viewer and mode for all who sign up for a Second Life account now. Although the intension of simplifying the first steps for new SL residents is good, this brings some problems with it for educators. Before, I list some of the differences between the basic and advanced viewer, I thought it might be helpful to…


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Best destinations in SL - help please!

In teaching English as a 2. Language.
Must be G.
Something to do
I want Students to take pic. and make a PhotoStory with text and voice over after trip around

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Welcome to all our new members from Australia

Hi All

Welcome to all those who have recently joined us from Australia, I guess that this may be related Luisa Panichi's recent broadcast on Australian radio about 2nd Life and our project. Can people tell us if that's the case?

If you are teachers, you may want to join our teachers group.



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