Caliburn Susanto is an Avatarian (one who considers his avatar an extension of his real self, not a character in a game) and one of the most amazing SL photographers out there. Although he claims to 'just take pictures' of the wonders in Second Life so as to preserve them, they truly are artistic and of the finest quality. Caliburn manages to capture moods, heat, humidity, finds hidden places, and he is the master of Windlight settings.

Caliburn's Flickr account with thousands of pictures to enjoy and hundreds of places to visit in Second Life:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/caliburnsusanto/sets

Caliburn's primary model in his photography is himself, including a wide variety of avatars of all kinds: animal, robotic, fantasy, and whimsical. 

With over 11,000h in-world experience he is a real professional and if you need his help he is there, caring, patient and unsurpassing in explaining ways to solve any problems you may be having or answering any questions about ways to enjoy the vast expanses of the Second Life grid.

The eye is a lonely hunter! We are sure you will enjoy his creative work and will appreciate that it takes many hours to capture this beauty. If you are so inclined you can show your appreciation by clicking on the (Ex)calibur sword in the center of the gallery.

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