A small group of us met up last night on the newly revamped Edunation III, we talked quite a lot about the differences between 2nd Life and Open Sim and the desire of educators to try to make language learning more active using MUVEs. The basic differences were thought to be the fact that on Second Life you belong to a community, more like in real life, whereas Open Sim is back to the closed world of the classroom.

Helen Myers talked about the way that she shows activity in Second Life in her regular classes as a way of motivating them to subscribe to use their teenage island. This reminded me of the talk at the Online EDUCA PCE given by Kristi Juaregi about her blended learning activites, so we will invite Kristi to one of our future talks.

I guess the last meeting of the year will be 15th December, if you would like to come. The next meeting with be on AVALON Learning.

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