Let's learn Japanese language and culture in Second Life

Learning to speak Japanese is a great goal to pursue even if you might never go beyond speaking some basic phrases. Why? Because it opens a door to an immensely rich Japanese culture that excells in beauty and fascination.

From ancient Edo Japan to modern Anime Japan, Second Life provides abundant opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and to visit very unique sims, visit sims frequented with Japanese and enjoy music, art and lots and lots of funny animations and gadgets too.

Join us in our newly founded Japanese group called 'Cha no yu' and go with us on tour every Thursday at 5:30am SL time | 8:30pm Tokyo time | 12:30pm GMT. For world time as an example the 23 June 2011, click here.


Enjoy with us a Japanese conversation for the first 30min on Virtlantis, a language learning site and then we will go and visit Japanese places in Second Life.

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Knowingly/138/140/22

Hosts: ShowShow Camel and Gwen Gwasi

***About ShowShow Camel

ShowShow is Japanese and lives in Japan. He is 55 years old and 8 years ago, he started to learn English conversation again, though he had almost forgotten all English grammar because he hadn't used English for about 30 years. In Japan he had to study English for entrance examination tests in senior high schools and universities, this is why most Japanese people hate English grammar, reading, and writing. He thinks that enjoying English is very important for Japanese people. Though in his case he didn't like English grammar and reading, but enjoyed chatting in English on the internet. About 7 years ago he joined Englishtown on MSN, and he then studied English conversation almost every night, but the conversation topic in Englishtown was always the same so he became bored and finally quit. Then he found Second Life and made many new friends from all over the world. Chatting with his friends from around the world is very interesting to him. Now, he is a member of Cypris Chat and STE Band in Second Life.

***About Gwen Gwasi

Gwen is a language trainer with a passion for teacher training and language learning in real-time in virtual classrooms and virtual worlds. She co-initiated two EU funded projects with a total of 35 European partners in 10 EU countries. LANCELOT, LANguage learning with CErtified Live Online Teachers, 2005-2007 is about language teaching and learning in virtual classrooms and AVALON, Access to Virtual and Action Learning Live ONline, 2009-2010, is about language teaching and learning in virtual worlds. Gwen's RL name is Heike Philp and she blogs at www.letstalkonline.com and runs her own online conference called www.virtual-round-table.com. She spent 15 years studying Japanese, 4 years of which she worked with Japanese in companies and 8 years attending a weekly Japanese reading group. Her main research interest is in developing new methodologies of learning a language.


As we go on tour we will be publishing our favorite destinations on the Virtual Language Travel NING site under this discussion forum 'Let's learn Japanese' or with occasional blogs.

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